Year-End Review

This is Just the Beginning

This is Sunga, founder of ZIMRothschild.  To show my commitment to you and the Community, I’d like to share an overview of how your support helped us this year.


First, background: I'm a lawyer by training, but ZIMRothschild and building a Community that supports you is my passion.  The concept began in late 2019 when I noted a gap in the market for individuals like us – individuals driven by purpose who needed a home to share ideas, resources, and style. 


When we began, I was focused on product design and production  – our designs and logos were built on concepts that reflect our Community, such as sleek products that sent our message while minimizing decision fatigue, which is a focus for high performers like you and I.  From 2020 through 2021, we began entering the market through an online precense, and the support has been overwhelming.  In 2022, we applied pressure to begin servicing you, the primary goal of ZIMRothschild. 


2022 Highlights:  

- Grew our member base by more than 10x

- Launched Unicorn Features, where we featured members of our Community. 

- Became one of the first luxury brand to begin accepting crypto currency

- Cemented our Core Values, where we ask you to "push unexpected boundaries and always give back. And we promise to do the same"

- We rolled out our Generation 1 Survey to our members and leveraged the results to build new and improved designs, such as our popular bucket hats

- Revamped our website to promote more features for user engagement

- Increased sales by more than 50%


What’s Next for 2023?  

- Exclusive in-person Unicorn events

- Bigger and better designs

- New and innovative ways to support our Community

- Product availability in physical stores

- We will continue what we started 


About ZIMRothschild:  ZIM is a platform for individuals we identify as “Unicorns”.  Unicorns are individuals who standout and make a difference.  They strive to make life better, not only for themselves, but for others.  We identify them as “Unicorns” to ensure that they are seen and the positive changes they make aren’t unnoticed.  Unicorns are untouchable – they are the present and future, inspiring us all.Media


If you'd like to reach me direct, you can email me at

We're Invested in Giving Back

Visit our Giving Back page to learn more

This is Sunga, founder of ZIMRothschild.  Our brand Core Values ask you to push unexpected boundaries and always give back, and we promise to do the same.  To keep our promise, we created our Giving Back page to highlight initiatives we are supporting, and to tell you how you can help.