About Us


We see You. ZIM provides a worldly platform for Unicorns who stand out in the crowd, but are catalysts for the next generation – we know that you determine what drives innovation.  Ingrained in the DNA of our products are symbols that represent you and us.

Community. No matter where we are in the world, we are drawn together by a love of compassion, a desire to give back, and conviction of the truth that we are special. 

A Uniform for You. ZIM products provide a badge and uniform for you to identify other members.

All we Ask of You. Continue to be you. Push unexpected boundaries and always give back.  And we promise to do the same. 

Our Story

How we support you

ZIMRothschild is more than a clothing line.  Our focus is to outfit our community and members with a uniform that symbolizes them.  We pay attention to details that ensure that we promote who you are and why you are special in our lifetime.  We love and are passionate about ourselves and what you give the world.  

We are supported by your compassion, individuality, strength, and motivation to be a beacon of light to the world. We know you’re a Unicorn, and we see you.  We understand that you are bold, and our desire is to provide a safe space to express this.  Our motto is true, “we see you”. 


"I love my cropped ZIM sweater. I wear it every weekend"


"I definitely mess with the black bucket hat. I need the white one"


"The Shea Butter is my favorite. It’s so smooth"


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