Initiatives We Support and How You Can Help, 2024

Giving back matters to us

This is Sunga, founder of ZIMRothschild.  Our brand Core Values ask you to push unexpected boundaries and always give back, and we promise to do the same.  To keep our promise, we created this page to highlight initiatives we are supporting, and to tell you how you can help.  

WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO SUPPORT?  First, we want to support your initiatives.  Through consulting, funding or co-marketing opportunities, we're here for you.  Please let us know initiatives you care about and we will feature them.  Reach out to us at to let us know.   



1. Gaza

The war in Gaza has created significant disasters and unforgettable losses in human life.  We recognize the UN Crisis Relief efforts as an amazing opportunity to promote. You can donate directly here


2.  Cyclone Freddy damage

Cyclone Freddy, a record breaking cyclone, left a lot of destruction in the South Eastern region of Africa.  Damages include loss of homes and public infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, water supply and power system.  Humanitarian workers are facing challenges because roads are flooded and muddy. 

Why we support?  One of the most impacted areas, Malawi, hits close to home as it is the birthplace of ZIMRothschild founder, Sunga Mkwezalamba.  However, as a global brand, we do not set barriers to who we support and help.  Our mission is to always use our resources to give always back. 

How you can support?  You can make a contribution via UNICEF here


2. 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake

The  earthquakes that have struck Turkey and Syria have affected at least 24 Million people causing approximately 50-85B in property damages, leaving families without homes, food or water.

Why we support?  As a global brand, we do not set barriers to who we support and help.  Our mission is to always use our resources to give always back.  We are also proud to promote the MATW Project on behalf of our Unicorn Natalia Mohamed Mazyun.  The MATW Project is dedicating significant resources to help those impacted by the earthquake.   

How you can support?  You can make a contribution to MATWProject at its site, here.  We will also make monetary contributions to victims of the earthquakes when you shop at our site. 


3. Learning Center and Kingdom Builders Academy

The Learning Center and Kingdom Builders Academy is a private school located in Zomba, Malawi.  The school has over 600 students, many from local poverty-stricken areas.  

The school currently needs (a)  support building dormitories for students and (b) support shipping books and school supplies from the United States. 

Why we support?   We are proud to promote the Learning Center and Kingdom Builders Academy on behalf of our Unicorn Hilda Mkwezalamba, owner of the Learning Center and Kingdom Builders Academy.   

How you can support?  Reach out to Hilda Mkwezalamba at ( to get connected. 


4. Minority Outdoor Alliance (MoA)

Why we support?  The MoA aligns with our Core Value on Community.  The MoA seeks to create education and consensus in minority communities around the climate emergency as a part of saving the planet’s most exceptional wild places.  The MoA does this through various initiatives, including workshops and advocating for policies that advance its mission. 

How you can support?  You can donate to the MoA and find out more about opportunities to support the organization on their dedicated site, here

Here is a video on the Minority Outdoor Alliance which advertises the importance of the organization's mission: link.  


 5. Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Why we support?  The SPLC is an American 501 nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation.  This opportunity is particularly of interest to ZIMRothschild founder, who is a lawyer and strong advocate of civil rights. 

The SPLC is internationally recognized for its groundbreaking history of seeking racial justice, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy and advancing the human rights of all people, in the South and beyond. 

How you can support? You can donate directly to the SPLC at their website, here.


6.  Just the Beginning Foundation (JTB)

Why we support?  Consistent with of being drawn together, Just the Beginning Foundation supports equal access to justice and diversity in the legal profession.  For many students, particularly students of color and those from underrepresented communities, the path to law school or a successful legal career is not always clear. JTB works to illuminate that path by lighting the spark of recognition that it is possible to become a lawyer and a leader.

That spark is “just the beginning” for their scholars and leaders.

How you can support? You can support JTB's program by visiting JTB's donation site here.


7. Lawyers Lend-A-Hand 


Why we support?  Lawyers Lend-A-Hand is genuine to the foundation of ZIMRothschild founder, Sunga Mkwezalamba, who is a lawyer by training.  Lawyers Lend-A-Hand provides free one-to-one tutoring and mentoring to students from two public charter schools in Chicago.  The students meet with their tutors every week at the Chicago Bar Association for literacy-focused sessions. More than 80 percent of our volunteers are lawyers. 

How you can support? You can support Lawyers Lend-A-Hand's by visiting their donation site here.


8. Invest in the Next Award Winning Film: Building a Love, Like Ours 

Building a Love, Like Ours (BALO) s a romance and family-friendly movie, the in a trilogy.  The film follows a successful real estate developer and her experiences with love after enduring a traumatic upbringing.  She grapples her trauma while helping her best friend prepare for her wedding. 

Why we support?  The film Director, is one of the first customers of ZIMRothschild, a true Unicorn herself.  She is a lawyer by training, similar to ZIMRothschild founder, Sunga, and is evolving as a leading director. 

How you can support?  You can contact Jhetira at (254) 661-3922 or